Dashboard con Thingsboard

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un Dashboard con Thingsboard ?

Thingsboard es un software libre que permite de recoger datos de sensores y presentar los datos de maniera guay


Mandar datos al dashboard

Por el momento, el Thingboard es aqui : http://essun.calafou.org:8080 y hay documentation "Getting started"

   System Administrator: sysadmin@thingsboard.org / sysadmin
   Tenant Administrator: tenant@thingsboard.org / tenant
   Customer User: customer@thingsboard.org / customer

Vamos a utilisar el Tenant Administrator como usario

  1. Create a new device
  2.  Copy the Access Token of the device
  3. Adapt the above method to send datas to thingsboard

Con el API

 curl -v -X POST -d "{\"temperature\": 5.3}" essun.calafou.org:8080/api/v1/gCgm37JxMK42KTqj8Bqp/telemetry --header "Content-Type:application/json"

Con MQTT - Mosquitto

 mosquitto_pub -h essun.calafou.org -u qcAk3DDHeLyAZFzCDu3C -t v1/devices/me/telemetry -d -m "{"Viento":6}"


  1. Once thingsboard receive the datas (see telemetry in each device), you can create a widget from this data and associate this widget to a dashboard
  2.  to give a public access to this dashboard, you have to booth put the devices and the dashboard in public mode

Thingsboard installation

Con docker : https://thingsboard.io/docs/user-guide/install/docker/?ubuntuThingsboardQueue=inmemory