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[[File:30 4to-aniv-calafou.png|300px]]
[[File:30 4to-aniv-calafou.png|300px]]
[October, 11th, 2015]
[[File:31 desvariart.png|300px]]
[January, 20, 2016]
[[File:31 winterishacking.jpg|300px]]
[May, 2nd, 2015]
Hack the earth! Simbiotica
[[File:31 simbiotica.png|300px]]

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[July 2011] Integral Catalan Cooperative's Summer Camp


[April 2012] 1st DIY Week Energetic Autogestion/ Transport and Energy to Move ourselves/ Ecologic Factory (Fablab)/ Reparation and Free machines/ Emotional Ecology (conflicts resolution- human relationships and community)/Circo Pánico https://www.calafou.org/ca/node/16

02 santjoan.png

[June 2012] Sant Joan Festival Perfo-Nosie/Latin Freaky Folk/ Cyborg belly dance/ Djs/Vjs https://www.calafou.org/ca/festa-sant-joan

[July 2012] Calafou's 1st Aniversary Music/ Jam Sesion /Graffity festival/ Serigraphic vermouth-Summer Camp

03 summercamp.png

[Agost 2012] DIY/DIT Weekend- Ecomotores Stirling motors/ Geekpantone Motors/ Basci electricity/ Sharing knolwledge https://www.calafou.org/ca/node/16 https://www.calafou.org/sites/calafou.org/files/carte_ecomotores.png#overlay-context=ca/node/41

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[October 2012] HackMeeting 2012 BatHack HAckTheMedia/Nerdcore/Humanware/Free-software-for-all/Special Calafou(Towards-ecoindustrial-organising-Post-capitalism) https://www.calafou.org/ca/node/104 https://www.calafou.org/ca/node/141 https://www.calafou.org/ca/node/65 https://www.calafou.org/ca/node/148

05 1cabaret.png

[December 2012] Apocaliptic Cabaret Performances/music/NOise/clown/cirq/Fakirism/Trapecist/Rituals/Intersex fishes https://www.calafou.org/en/node/272


[January 2013] DIY-DIT Weekend for building wood efficient Stoves Wood efficient stoves/termodinac/ heat transmision/ Efficiency/ Rocket stoves/Soap making from recyced oil https://www.calafou.org/ca/node/301

[March 2013] 2nd DIY-DIT Week- Hack the Earth Hidraulic turbine/Water room/Architectural accessibility/Nuvem: Technological Art/Solar Wits/Utopus: open harware/EcoHack/DIY Beer and licours/HHO motors/ Emotional ecology-Living in community/Microculture/Industrial production sustainable of food/ Bike mechanic/Performances/ Live music https://www.calafou.org/en/node/342 https://www.calafou.org/sites/calafou.org/files/field/image/parrilla_hackthearth_0.png


[May 2013] Integral Catalan Cooperative's 3rd aniversary Day of cooperative work/Cabaret/Music/ Cooperative Market/Party https://www.calafou.org/ca/3er-aniversari-CIC

[July 2013] Calafou's 2nd Aniversary Twin Peak's Cabaret Party/Music/cabaret

08 cabarettweenpeaks.png

[July 2013] Agroecologic Meeting Agroecologic initiatives and degrowth economics/Permaculture/seeds/Enviromental conflicts/Food soveranía


[July 2013] Libre Software Workshop [Brasilia!] Learning unit-cells to ensemble the different types of knowledge, focusing on the many options offered by Libre Software, the productive resources for artists, cultural producers/managers or any professional profile of creative economy.

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[July 2013] Freakabolic presents Calafou @MediaLab-Prado [Madrid] Presentation in live-streaming from MediaLab-Prado: Calafou, projects for technological and transhackfeminist D&R, as well as the BioPunkLab project.

11 freakabolic.png

[August 2013] Fresh Cinema - Trash Comedies cycle The party (El guateque) - 1968- Dir. Blake Edwards Meet the Feebles! - 1989 - Dir. Peter Jackson Female Trouble - 1974- Dir. John Waters Concepción o Autor bueno es autor muerto - 2007 - Dir. Autoría Colectiva

[August 2013] EcoMotores - EcoEngines Fluydine water bombing, Stirling engines, Bio-diesel, leds, libre energies, libre technologies.

13 hacktheerath3.png

[September 2013] Fresh Cinema - Degen[d]erate Cycle Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Dir. John Cameron Mitchell (2001) Mi sexualidad es una creación artistica - Dir. Lucía Egaña Rojas (2011) Men's group - Dir. Michael Joy (2008) Mix de docus y clips - Various Dirs.[main: Mujeres bajo sospecha (memoria y sexualidad 1930 - 1980)]

[September 2013] 1st Exchange and Gift Fair Empowering the creation of a distributed net of not-commercial cooperation and exchange in the neighbourood, feeding the spirit of sharing and the use of re-using as the best form of recycling, instead of using and throwing as it rules in society.

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[November -the 7th- 2013] ___ 777__from riTuAl to AciD NoiSE [live streaming]

15 ritualacidnoise.png

[November 2013] 1st Digital security and activism workshop

17 1DST.png

[December 2013] Stop being a person, pass to human being - workshop

16 stopbeingapreson.png


[February 2014] Extrud-Me creation of polymers, plastics recycling, installation and calibration of 3D printers, CNC milling machine, form collectively and share knowledge to achieve high technical knowledge from the foundations of free hardware, free software, free machining processes, and free materials science (physics/chemistry).

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[March 2014] Collective working days Bio-construction: mud + adobe wall

19 bioconstructionws.png

[April 2014] 2nd Digital security and activism workshop

[April 2014] Hack The Biblio book scanning, install/config/learn/use servers, documenting process, share everything, replicate process, spread public biblioteques, info caring

20 hackthebiblio.png

[April 2014] Voja Antonić presentation prehistorical hacking culture, yugoslavia, first DIY personal computers, from Galaksija to book-scanners

[May -the 21st- 2014] In Memoriam: Alexander Berkman [RIP]

Alexander berkman.png

[June 2014] Backbone 409 Autonomous infrastructures for a free Internet http://backbone409.calafou.org/

[July, 10th, 2014] Calafou presenta en Arquitecturas Colectivas > Cooperativas de vivienda en cesión de uso Desde 2007 cada año se celebra un encuentro en una ciudad diferente con el objetivo de reforzar la red y consolidar una forma de hacer ciudad diferente a la oficial: desde las personas y para las personas.

[July, 12th, 2014] 3rd Aniversary!

21 3aniversari.png

[July, 22nd, 2014] In Memory of "Noi Del Sucre" +++ R.I.P.

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[August 2014] transHACKfeminist! The TransH@ckFeminist!(THF!)camp! is a gathering of intersectional feminists, queer and trans people of all genders interested in better understanding, using and ultimately developing free and liberating technologies for social dissent, as a alternative to the corporatisation of technologies and the digital world. We understand technologies in their broadest sense including computer systems, (distributed) networks, “pirate”, community and/or independent radio/ tv, guerilla knitting and gardening, looming, hardware hacking as well as gender hacking.

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[August, 14th, 2014] Calafou presents in "INterference.io": Contaminación Rio Anoia & DIY hardware.

24 interferences.png

[November, 12th/15th, 2014] Calafou presents in "LAB2014: El reverso de la paz" - Donosti.

[November, 13th, 2014] Presentació Llibre Soberania Tecnologica Ateneu Cooperatiu LaBase.

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[December, 9th, 2014] Calafou presents in XXII Seminario de ACS: La Vivienda que Queremos.


[March, 21st, 2015] EMERGENCIA! Talleres abiertos!

[April, 22/24th, 2014] HackTheEarth

28 hactheearth4.png

[May, 2nd, 2015] Teatro en Calafou: ICEBERG!

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[May, 2nd, 2015] Fiesta 4to Aniversario!

30 4to-aniv-calafou.png

[October, 11th, 2015] DESVARIART

31 desvariart.png



31 winterishacking.jpg

[May, 2nd, 2015] Hack the earth! Simbiotica

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