Golden shower-Golden power

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Dinamiza: GOLDEN SHOWER / WATER POWER by Poussy Draama & Fannie Sosa

keywords : Reconnecting to the waters of the body, Bladder healing

Abstract: Caminos del agua en el cuerpo : de la boca al utero, de las celulas al uretra... Influence of binaural beats & bass on the molecular structure of the water into the body

Description: It will be a relaxing/observing moment to try to connect with the simplest movements of water INTO the body (like the inner ocean tides)

We'll try to identify our own water cycles. Each person has their own, what are the inner & outer influences on these cycles? Thirst sensation, moon/earth attraction, quality & composition of the water we drink, sound & vibrations...)

So basically, the workshop starts by drinking a lot of water and ends by taking a collective pee. In between, it's a meditation/visualization of the movements of this water (and the water that is already into the body)

There will be an anatomical check, pH strips checkings, yoni steam/yoni sun bath, uretra & bladder worshipping (como organos de placer y de power).... A big part of the workshop is collective, it's not only about connecting to your inner water but also to the others and feel that we share the same water

At the end of the workshop (everyday) we'll work more on the sensations (when you NEED to pee : how you explore this sensation), and then a pH test and then a collective pee in a place we'll choose all together (on plants that like the urine pH, in the river, wherever but not in the toilet)

Materiales: water

Horario:: sábado 23 y domingo 24 entre 10 y 11am

Locación: terraza casa roja