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*[http://3dprintingindustry.com/2015/08/25/decolonizing-the-female-body-with-the-bio-hacking-of-gynepunk/ Decolonizing the Female Body with the Bio-Hacking of GynePunk] Tyler Koslow By Tyler Koslow On Tue, August 25, 2015
*[http://3dprintingindustry.com/2015/08/25/decolonizing-the-female-body-with-the-bio-hacking-of-gynepunk/ Decolonizing the Female Body with the Bio-Hacking of GynePunk] Tyler Koslow By Tyler Koslow On Tue, August 25, 2015
== Libela (traduccion de makery) ===
== Libela (traduccion de makery) ==
* [http://www.libela.org/prozor-u-svijet/6363-gynepunk-kiborg-vjestice-diy-ginekologije/ GynePunk - kiborg vještice DIY ginekologije]
* [http://www.libela.org/prozor-u-svijet/6363-gynepunk-kiborg-vjestice-diy-ginekologije/ GynePunk - kiborg vještice DIY ginekologije]

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klau notes: la pagina ha quedado x ahora como gynepunk.. si creo que deberiamos hacerla mas generica y desgenerada a mi me encanta el open sciene friction x ejemplo... o no se biolab cuborg witches ¿?

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GynePunk, the cyborg witches of DIY gynecology

Published 30 June 2015 by Ewen Chardronnet
to pin


Written by Doug Bierend
August 21, 2015 // 08:30 AM EST 

1.-*First, can you please give me some quick background on yourself, where you're from and how you became involved in this work?*

Im a southamerican bitch, transhack/feminist, a lowtech tecno-witch, tinker, sometimes welder, sex_hacker/pornopunk body, raw graphic glitcher, protofakir, cable charmer and independent chaotic researcher. As a women, ginecology has always being an issue. I ve suffered the institutional OB/GYN violence run by men with patriarchal normative guidelines in my flesh since I was teenager. I came from a country that abortion is still ilegal, I had myself a risky ilegal abortion in perú 14years ago. As migrant I have being discriminated an insulted in spanish gynecology rooms. So, Im involved in this work cause is something that my body need, is something vital, as a political struggle abput taking back technologies, to take my body back an put it away from all this violence.

In a personal historical genealogy about this work, the first time for me that ginecology was conciently somethign to be punked or hacked, was in generatech, a gender tech festival that I was co-organizing in a feminist network of collectives in different cities of spain between 2007-2010. There we start to mash up issues between body and machines, between free culture and free bodies, about hacking codes form software to gender.so, we put togheter workshops and talks like: FLOSS audiovisual tools for stream, ginecologycal natural herbs, openwifinetworks, sexwork, independent media servers, postporn, and so on[1]. Then in 2011 with nomepisesofregao a feminist galician colective we organize a workshop called bugxina[2] to de-bug the comon as candida, triconoma, gardenella. Self exas, look the cervix to recognize them, share experiences methods to heal and discovered how this bugs look like in a microscopic level using internet archive tools. Some years later, in 2013 I started an autonomous independent research[3] on the history of gynecology[4]. What I found was horrible and set me on fire,

Anarcha, Lucy & Betsey GLANDs + GynePUNK is a autonomous research project about the history of gynecology, and an active and radical proposal to re-write it.

[1] http://www.minipimer.tv/index2bcd.html?p=665 http://www.donestech.net/ca/2_i_3_juliol_jorandes_generatech_node_barcelona http://generatech.org/ [2] http://anarchagland.hotglue.me/?bugxina [3]http://anarchagland.hotglue.me/?biomechatronic_machines/ [4] http://anarchagland.hotglue.me/?story_her http://anarchagland.hotglue.me/?story_jms http://anarchagland.hotglue.me/?mapa_laberinto/

2.-*I want to make sure I understand exactly what the GynePunks do that is distinct from BIO-reSEARCH, Pechblenda, etc. Can you briefly explain in simple terms how the GynePunks, BIO-reSEARCH, Hackteria, GaudiLabs, Pechblenda, etc. all fit together? In total, who is considered a GynePunk?*

I will describe it like this: The bioresearch framework is something that Hackteria, Gaudi and Pechblenda labs, where and aare developing in many levels and ways before. Gynepunk is more especific framework, a node of this bioresearch that we all are developing now in a rizomatic way. gynepunk is a feminist tool developed inside biohacking scene.

Now, anecdotal info: Pechblenda lab was invited to take part of hackterialab yogja. cause one of the pechblenda trio at that time, pin, was already working on biohacking and she was involved in hacteria activities before. We where extremely lucky to get tickets to the tree pechblenda. When we where landing in asia, I was with a severe urinary infection (cronich since Im a child) very painful. When we arrive there I was inmediatly asking for local plants to urinary infections. Gegen, lifepatch member give me a lot of feedback and some plants to heal the pain. So, in the pechblenda activities on HLAB we open a wiki arround body issues. There I put the local urinary infection plants tratmenet (also you can see the sexology part). Once we where back I started to work on the bioresearch wiki and putting toheter the issues that where important. All of them inspired in the amazing work of hackteria & gaudilab, under the pechblenda political embodiment.

After one year of research, an art residency in hangar give us the spring to make it material and spread it further. In that residency pin, marc and urs where the keys to make the hardware come togheter to build our own biolabs adapted to our body needs.

So, in that sense gynepunk is not a formed collective, is a riot of bodies. And for that riot we'll use all the help, complicity, alliances, tools we can find, create, build and use, everything to reclaim deep body knowledge.

And that the only criteria I will aplied to consider yourself gynepunk. Is reclaiming your body. At the same time is not a category or identity at all.

http://hackteria.org/wiki/GynePUNK_biolabs#Plants_Treatement http://hackteria.org/wiki/Workshopology#11.30_-_23h_.7C_FULL-DAY_SEXOLOGY_WORKSHOP


3.- *Where do the "hacker mentality" and feminism intersect? **How do you see the role of technology in putting control of medicine into the hands of those who need it? *

they intersect in a transhackfeminisr crossroad, see here: https://transhackfeminist.noblogs.org/post/2015/01/25/a-transhackfeminist-thf-convergence-report/

4.- *I recognize that this is a vastly broad question, but **what does the current state of OBGYN medicine represent to you? How can open-source, DIY technology work as a way of changing this?*

it represent , at least for me, some kind of purgatory, sometimes hell. In gynecology particular case, it's reach an inquisitive, paternalistic and fascistic attitudes. To make a fucking simple yeast or gardenella exam, for name any, it seem not enough to swallow tortuous waiting rooms of the CAP (public assistance health centers), or being compel to answer (as accumulated vomits) bureaucratic, statistical forms that performs a role of popular judges of your practices, capacities or choices. Gossip questions full of moral pervert scorn, seeking data about your promiscuity, drug use, sexual orientation, hygienic practices, or squat relations... just cause how your look!

5.- *I've seen a picture of the tools (microscope, centrifuge, speculum, etc.) you've developed. Is this the complete set of tools available so far? Which tool is the most complex or difficult to produce? Which is the easiest?*

Now the set of tools you need will depend from a lot of things, the urgency of it, your body (if you have an uterus or not, if you need hormons or not), your social condition (a 3d printed speculum will be only available in some places), your geolocalization (some materials will be easier or difficoult to find, even the internet could be not easy), your political situation (abortion or contraceptive methos will be priority in some countries rather than accurate citologies), your economic condition, and even your political awarness and critical thinking will do it.

I think for sure, that we need new tools, new ways, question and create procedures, easier, accesible , all of this with non stop flow of information, experiences, documentation and talk, body talk.

Also there are many non “hardware” tools that can do a lot, the vinager test for cervical cancer, the iodo test for HPV diagnosis, the DELem a pneumatic non invasive contraceptive tool, or the condoms that can show sexual trasnmition deseases changing color! less we need less.

6.- *Where are these tools being used so far and by whom? Have they had an impact?*

I really dont know the impact of this, is brand new to me too. But in a very gynepunk guerrilla kit, the vinager test has lower down 31% the rate of cervical cancer death in india in the las 3 years. I think that the spread of what is happening here is starting to create an awarness that is creating new circles of people coming togheter to talk about their bodies and health.

7.-*How does your work fit in with the growing fab-lab scene in Barcelona? Why is this happening in and around Barcelona?*

In a cold way I think, like a hacking hobby maybe, but there's no conection. Fablab scenes normaly are not feminist or radical body political, they tend to be normative spaces, very bourgeus really. Hope im wrong cause there's always a hopelly chance to be it. I dont think is about what city is arround, is arround our bodies, arroud our political tendencies and struggles (free culture, feminist issues, migration, etc). In fact we can think, is happening in europe or arround europe then? The answer is that “gynepunk” ways are already happening arround the world, with less resources and more engaged.

8.- *What is the second phase of GynePunk going to look like? If there is a "final phase", what will that look like?* if we have to put numbers and steps, we will have to wonder for the 3rth part. The first was the investigation, putt all the material, the thaory under one idea, the second is already happening, the materialization of the labs, the third maybe is this on, the wide spread of it, wide world networking, Looking forward I will love to focus not too much only on diagnosis, but how to deal with the diagnosis made, how heal and prevent.

also I think there will never be a final phase... the body is unlimited, different, also technologies and how they change,

9.- *Can you speak to GynePunks's goal of preserving local and communal traditions of medicine, while also providing access to useful medical technology? Is it ever difficult to encourage one without compromising the other?*

Audre Lorde — 'There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.'

(this last question is just a quote cause i didnt have more time to answer =S)


by: KARI OAKES, Ob.Gyn. News Digital Network
November 1, 2015
  • Original interview to klau
    • Q5 (most important one!) Please tell me what you would like me to know, and

what you would like me to communicate to American gynecologists.

"We can transform the meaning of the word "cure". We can transform the role of knowledge. We can be human." Salvatore Iaconesi

This is tan Open source health & Open Data statement Medical languaje needs to be translated, adapted to our bodies and experiencies, not estadistics or protocols. Have to be comprehensible and close. We need to know and undestrand, that information should be public, readeable, translated and open. Clinical protocols, standars of diagnosis, infogrhafics. Should be available. When we reach to understand, why this or that analisis or test, what they involve (time, side efects, techn) to be complete informed about treatments medicines that are involved, alternatives to them, not only “you must” prescriptions, or a personal moral statement of the doctor. Only like this, consent invasive treatements, risky procedures, devastating consecuences or even prohibeted economic bills, will be OUR consent. Technologies should be close and easiest, updated and challenging (condoms changing colors v/s laboratory expensive diagnosis, malecontraception investigation v/s woman being bomberded with hormons, pelvic floor empowerment v/s massive incontinence surgeries, vasectomy choices v/s abortion non choices) Medical memory has to be reset critically, the “fathers” of OB/GYN should be showed in context, not like heroes or saints. We will not honor the macabre heritage of them, we will be critically using what they left but never forgetting or sharing how they get a place in medical history. We will honor our losts, witches healers, unknown bodies, is an urge to talk about them and the value that they sadly gave to science. If waiting rooms are getting emptie, what a doctor will feel? I imagine that for me will be happines to see that people is not getting sick for example. But if is cause people don't feel confortable in a body-office. Maybe something has to change. If health sistems prefer to stay as they are, and look like some sort of vatican inquisition. We will be the new heresy. If they refuse to change, aproach, improve, heal! We are going to change it anyway. WE ARE DOING IT.

// "Q1 I read the accounts of your collective's efforts with a lot of interest. Do you think that most women in Westernized countries, like in Europe, Canada, US, are interested in having better body awareness and having more tools for self diagnosis and treatment? in my experience theres interest of course gynepunk gets feedback from many contries, groups. there's anarchist all over =) is not much about the interes the difficult thing is to go for it. to empower local networks, make nets, talk with others.

"Q2 Where would you place the work you are doing relative to other feminist efforts of the past 50 years, for example, the Boston Women's Health Book Collective and: Our Bodies, Ourselves? place it? dont know... the place is right now. influenced by them of course, and all the incredible heritage coming from thewitches, from every feminist health gruop we know...

"Q3 As Cyborg Witches, how are you blending ancient practices and knowledge with modern technology and the capacity for DIY that now exists? trough the hacking. akelarric gathering, trough hackmeetings, trough transhackfeminist gatherings.

"Q4 I interviewed a US male gynecologist, who thinks that it's a very good idea that women have better tools and knowledge for diagnosis and treatment of many common conditions. He said a couple of interesting things :If our offices do not feel welcoming to women, and they don't feel accepted and safe, then that's a problem. This is important." "Also, he said that he thinks the trends toward telemedicine and greater patient empowerment that we are seeing in the US mean that at least the technologic aspects of your work would fit very well with some of those efforts. What is your reaction to his statements?

NO ANSWER /included in the first one Q5


DWF / Done Women Femme Italia

11 aprile 2015	by redazione dwf 



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