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HEALTH HERESY KIT Cyborg Witches project NOW the cyborg witches have the flames!

HHK Objective is to develop a DIY-DIT body analytical equipment based on open technologies for extreme experimentation and radically transdisciplinary collaboration. Has to be able to perform as much as WE WANT, in a intensive way: smears, fluid analysis, biopsy, PAPs, synthesize hormones at will, blood exams, urinalysis, HIV tests, pain reliefs, or what ever WE NEED. Hack and build our own ultrasound, endoscope and ultrasound devices in a low-cost way. glandular heretics, akelarres gynepunks, DIY abortive pots, midwife gangs, glitter abortions, spill placenta in every corner, hack analytic technics, ephemeral biolabs, DIT labs, hi-tech nursery secret meetings, black coats, chess coats. Self blood donations & extract our own blood and reclaim history of natural knowledges, oral traditions, submarine recipes, seeking with hunger generate amounts of DIY lubricants, anti-conceptives, open doula domains, savage caring of any visceral hands on technologies, as menstrual extraction, all elevated at maximun potential of common learning and radical self-body-power...!

keywords: TransHackFeminist - Bioautonomy - radical SelFpower - health giltch – fluid analysys – viral gynepunk - self citology – LowCost diagnosis – DIY body analytical equipment - body(INTER)action – memory spells – critical anatomy - HardGlam – cyborg witches - transdisciplinary didTactics – riot of bodies


- HardGlam equipment - Critical Anatomy illustrations - Memory Spells

HardGlam equipment

Electronic hardware:

  • Small inkubator to grow lacteo bacilus ( the idea is to make a yogurt to regulate the flora in the case of candida )
  • Camera speculum to make a collection of cervix images and start to identify disseases
  • hack ultrasound machine
  • male contraception ultrasound

Analisys & research:

  • urine analisis using the Gynepunk centrifuge and Microscope.
  • KOH and Wet Mount Preparation to identify different infections from vaginal discharge.
  • Hormonal Sintesis > investigation stage
  • HIV kit > simple and easy DIY technique
  • CELLfie kit > microscope related
  • Rape kit

3D objects:

  • especulum
  • pieces of other devices to build
  • pee device > to pee standing up

Analogic Devices:

  • DelEm
  • Vinager and Iodo Kit
  • PH test from Col Lombarda
  • Changing color condoms (see how to get them or do them)
  • DIY lubricant
  • genderussa male anticonceptive

(hay que seguir debugeando, proponiendo, reduciendo o ampliando)

Critical Anatomy illustrations

Body De-colonization Maps:

  • Anaracha, Lucy, Betsey Glands
  • Non Gendered Prostate

Body World Infographics:

  • Abortion Laws in the world
  • Homosexuality rights
  • Forced Esterilization
  • Medical Experimentation history timeline

Memory Spells

Gender Healers memory:

- We will name the objects in honor to healers of history: toypurina, agnocide, etc. (genderhealers)

Sound spells:

- Audio recordings (to make sound instalation) - Audio howtos

Money of production to (besides materials)

1.- Invite: DocteurE Duchesne + Nurses + hackteria + gaudilabs + ¿? IMPORTANTE leave super clear the basic need of transdiciplinary and money production for gathering people togheter 2.- Post overseas As there will be developed 5 identical pieces. Each of them should be sent to diferent parts of the world (to spread the glam and the spell) and my proposal is: 1 calafou 2 chile > pabla of the project ginecologia natural 3 mexico > vulva sapiens 4 indonesia > needle and bitch 5 turkey > anarchist femnist group (meydan) (places and people where the contact has already made) 3. Translation (speak in tongues) Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian Then a “virtual” piece availabe to download it > an extensive howto of ALL - hardware - info of kits - graphical packs editable etc