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Hurdy is a devel computer running placed on Hackafou, the Calafou's hacklab. It's a project that aims GNU, BSD, UNIX technologies, as real computer experience providers and try to find an easy way to usability. It was run on a ThinkCenter box, with a great stability. The box is very rugged with a very easy open, a polite design. Some time before this same box runs (for some weeks) a GNU/Hurd overwriting its default system. After this a DragonFlyBSD [lack version] was installed. It share his plugin' time with and USBLive Gentoo system on two USBs.

Hurdy it's a collective work of a computer lan. A UNIX clone operative system with a BSD License, and showed cross GNU/Linux machines and boxes: rabn, nannn, xyzaa, sputn1k, s4lyut, m00c, voyag3ur, arian3, kmelia and many more.

Showing the box a great power in the shared system the devel a new wave of events are waiting time:

Next events Hurdy development:

14-11-2015 - Start a migration process to a more light box. Using a dd tool .

            The main reason is to complain with spirulina-hurdy project requeriments.
            the high vibration level on ThinkCenter could disturb spirulina development:
            (ever in case of long time running near the spirulina 'pecera' it would be verosimil)