Introduction of Ayurveda, her history and applicability of her practices in the practice of DIY medicine

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Dinamiza: Hiroo Komine aka Ayurhacker

keywords: contraception, vaginosis bladder infection, HIV and HPV, trans-Hacking, bladder inflammation, bartholitis, prostate hyperplasia, rasayana, DIY medicine

Abstract: AYURVEDA is traditional medicinal system practiced in Indian Subcontinent for several millenniums. Today, it has been widely accepted as one of the Complimentary Alternative Medicine in many parts of the world where “spiritualism” and “yoga” are popular. In the region of its origins, it has been practiced as technical and practical traditional medicine, providing better cure for the number of chronic disease while in the foreign lands, especially in West, the majority of practice is limited to the simple oil massage along with daily life regimen. It offers number of practices both simple and technical based on the unique view and understanding of human body. It also offers commonly available herbs for the practical treatments of number of disease. The presentation is to introduce some of the Ayurvedic clinical techniques and seeks the possible collaborative effort in the practice of DIY medicine.

Formato: presentation with demonstration of the preparation of various ayurvedic treatment. Skills/Knowledge addressed:

1. Basic theory of Ayurveda 2. Similarity of DIY medicine philosophy and ancient Ayurvedic practices 3. Introduction of some General medicine / Gynecological cases. 4. Simple practical skills

Participants OUTCOMES:

  • OBJECTIVES 1: Participants cultivate some understanding in the unique views of AYURVEDA.
  • OBJECTIVES 2: Participants will understand that the similarity between current DIY practice at Calafou and


  • OBJECTIVES 3: Participants will be exposed to some of Ayurveda's unique approach to certain disease,

possibly generate some idea for the next possible Gynepunks project employing Ayurveda's approach.

  • OBJECTIVES 4: Be able to practice some of the simple treatment/gynac treatment

Workshop Components and proceeding:

  • Brief Introduction of Ayurveda
  • Brief Ayurvedic theory.
  • Pathology and Conditions along with Ayurvedic treatment for them:
    • Contraception and Abortion: Ayurvedic concept, its approach and formulations explained in the classics.
    • Vaginosis:
      • Review simple Ayurveda theory of infection along with dietetics and systemic medicine.
      • Ayurveda local treatment
        • vaginal wash
        • vaginal herbal wick
        • vaginal fumigation
    • Bladder inflammation: urinary complaints.
      • General Ayurveda understanding.
      • Simple dietetics and common oral medicine.
      • Local treatment: urethral enema(highly technical so only introduction is given
    • Bartholitis:
      • General Ayurvedic understanding of the pathology.
      • Cause of obstruction of the gland.
      • Local Treatment along with common oral medicine.
    • Prostate hyperplasia
      • General Ayurvedic oral medication and approach.
    • HIV and HPV
      • Concept of Rasayana(immune-enhancing, anti-aging) and simple herbs of Rasayana
      • Cervical Hyperplasia precursor of Cx Cancer and application of Alkali with oil tampon.
    • How to create Alkali with Barley.
  • Trans-Hacking:
    • Introduction of Ayurvedic Herbs with Hormonal Property.

Horario:: domingo 24 de 17h a 20h

Locación: cocina

Este taller esta Interelacionado con Ginecologia y proctologia DIY (en estrecha simbiosis)