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Calafou network aims to provide connectivity to the local network and to the Internet on the whole territory of Calafou.


Documentation about the network is perpetually out of date and exists in different places:

Plug New Network Device

  • suk:/etc/hosts is the hosts file with all the devices on the network that have with a static IP. It is necessary to have ssh access to suk in order to read (and write) it.
  • http://omnius.calafou/ is a bunch of HTML served from omnius, the mediaserver.
    • Howto for making your backups of your computer to jabba, which is the backup server.
     [more info about jabba on : http://omnius.calafou:9001/p/jabba]
    • Link to Smokeping statistics page, that can be useful to diagnose network problems.
  • Some other data is stored in git repositories hosted on GitLab:
    • Network Map is an SVG file depicting the network topology. The best program to edit it is Inkscape.
    • All passwords used on the network should be in a keyringer repository.