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'''In Pechblenda macho attitudes, assistentialism, invasive and patriarchal behaviors are NOT welcome.'''
'''In Pechblenda macho attitudes, assistentialism, invasive and patriarchal behaviors are NOT welcome.'''
   ''"I don't believe in "gender violence",  
   ''"I don't believe in "gender violence",  

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Hardlab TransHackFeminista - lab0rat0rio experimentaci0n bio-electr0-química - Manifesto

La pechblenda es una variedad masiva y probablemente impura de uraninita. Recibe su nombre según el alemán Pechblende (Pech = brea; blenden = lucir, brillar, cegar), que hace referencia al aspecto del mineral.

Sick of the filthy dust, montonous and boring, of stagnant, unbreathable, competitive and excluding environments, of semi-free information which is actually totally controlled, power and decision of hunched up egocentric and infantile machos. Tired of repressed, impenetrable and homogenous bodies, we are resetting and migrating our bodies, modificable codes, lubricated and fluid, far from this sad landscape.

In Pechblenda macho attitudes, assistentialism, invasive and patriarchal behaviors are NOT welcome.

 "I don't believe in "gender violence", 
  I think that gender itself is the violence, 
  that the norms of masculinity and femininity,
  as we know them, produce violence." 
  Beatriz Preciado - OMINIA MEA MECUM PORTO









Exoglands: radical dynamics

fluid, tissues & bloody self-aware enhancement bionicLAB


microorganisms to get macropleasure. fluid noise and all kind of interferences !


Dildomancy AnarchaGland Gynepunk Exoglands

Keywords: gender, race, gynecology, black women, slaves, human experimentation, colonization, memory, glands, reapropiation Abstract: Anarchagland es un proyecto autogestionado de investigación sobre la historia de la ginecología y una propuesta activa y radical de re-escritura de la misma.


  • Quimicos

PECHBLENDA 2.0 contexto

Deprogram-US from the regulations of the hegemonic medical system it's not an easy task. Get over or further centuries of manipulations and domination policies around health, it's a big challenge, something that can and must be achieved and builded continually, persistently in a creative and active way.

The extreme attach to dependency infrastructures that perpetuate institutional medical violence, is seted up as “normative wellbeing”, but is nothing more that imposed neoliberal, imperialistic and pharmacratic body dictatorship.

Institutions need to maintain hierarchical knowledge, keep a huge body illiteracy gap, invalidate, anulate and discredit all what we learn from our own bodies.

Strong and powerful movements are sharp growing as responses, as memory, as rizomatic social tissues to be re-enforced, like: The Doulas (midwies) natural gynecology (intensive circulation of self edited anarchafeminist zines), subversives motherhoods (critical view to obstetric medical system and infantilism of pregnancy), biohacking (technological take back trough research, collective experimentation, lowtech hacks).

Radical change in terms of our relationship with technologies that surround us, reject calls to be health consumers as pieces of health market experimental proffit and control competitions; to reject the alienation deconstructing oppressive and dominant behaviors and practices, developing egalitarian and collective alternatives machines are part of our everyday life. A laboratory test is a procedure in which a sample of blood, urine, other bodily fluid, or tissue is examined to get information about a person’s health.

keywords: TransHackFeminist - Bioautonomy - radical SelFpower - health giltch – fluid analysys – viral gynepunk - self citology – LowCost diagnosis – DIY body analytical equipment - body(INTER)action – memory spells – critical anatomy - HardGlam – cyborg witches - transdisciplinary didTactics – riot of bodies


AnarchaGland & Gynepunk presentation


taller open speculations

Presentamos y performamos juntas la idea del laboratorio autogestionado de ginecología, como otras muchas veces uno de los elementos principales fue el aclamado microscopio hecho en casa por ti mismo, o hecho en la calle, lab mobil o taller juntos con otrxs. A través de mostrar, explicar y desengranar juntas los diferentes dispositivos que fueron construidos durante las tres semanas de residencia estamos experimentando una ampliación de nuestros sentidos corporales

no estamos haciendo tan solo un ejercicio de declaración de intenciones sino que estamos abriendo nuevas experiencias a las asistentes a través de la participación activa en el desarrollo de los experimentos y el aprendizaje. Entonces el Laboratorio abierto es un lugar de interferencia entre diversas personalidades y conocimientos, donde de manera libre podemos expresar nuestras inquitudes, dudas, deseos y emociones. ayer Cabinet de Curiosidades fue convirtiendose poco a poco en el paraiso de los fluidos y poco a poco fuimos navegando hasta llegar a diferenciar a través del microscopio

  • cambiar la pose del autoexamen rodilleras
  • esterilization mobile kit
  • reconocerer en que periodo de ciclo estan las participantes del taller
  • mapear errores y experiencias
  • curas "probioticos ajos, hiro)



virology in squirt and , diference between urianalisis, prostate fluid citology, fluids cultures, fluid anatomy of pleasure, uroginecology & proctology miths, morals. resexualize our glands and fluids. wetware.

Hardglam devices: Memory Spells Gender Healers memory:

- We will name the objects in honor to healers of history: toypurina, agnocide, etc. (genderhea

Microscopio different perspectives, citology, smell, colors, patherns, trough re-focus our fluids and celltissues see how viruses infections, reshape our body landscpes, and talk trough them in codes. a traves de la relectura del codigo aumentado de nuestro cuerpo entender la arquitectura microbiologica. generando autonomia tecnica y potenciar la relacion simbiotica por medio de herramientas de lenguaje visual y situado.

DIY lubricant


DIY lubricants pee device > to pee standing up pantalla cascos mejorar el video de HHK como cuña y el video de las chicas del monton fanzines laminas


Body Spells

1.0 > 2013 - 2014

2.0 > 2014 - 2016



donde nos han documentado (faltan varias cosas) y como nos documentamos en otras plataformas (youtube, twiter,soundcloud, etc?)


  • Broadcasting from 22h till 00h with Adrian and Jason in Brave Ear Radio on Radio On.Next to Last Dominion Lost we presented Calafou (place where we live) and Pechblenda Lab (place where we experiment, fuck and fail).
  • carne cruda para el sonar





Workshop Propousals



"No puedes pensar en salud sin pensar en el río." zapatista thought

Experiments, experiences, prototypes, developed and developing projects related to a very important issue for our lab: FLUIDS


DIY Fluids Narratives River ANALysys hardware Prototypes & Polluted Industrial Environment Dialectics

  • This research starts for the hackterialab yogja april 2014: here the dossier
  • Was expanded here:Water Hackathon 6-7 June 2014Open Source Technologies for Rivers, Oceans and Lakes - Explore the Possibilities of Open Hardware for Open Science Projects
  • And now continues in Interference - amsterdam august 2014

Developing Devices