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Documentation on How to connect / use the sound system v2 in the social center (v2 : el que b01

The basic configuration :

  1. hay que entrar en el Xfilter con XLR desde una mesa para mesclar el sonido
  2. el Xfilter manda el sonido a dos amplificadores
  3.  los 2 altavoice alta y medium et a la altavoice de los bajos (el que viene del systema de sonido del maau)

AmpliXfilter.jpg CablageXfilter.jpg CablageAmpli.jpg Altavoicehighm.jpg AltavoiceBajos.jpg

Documentation on How to connect / use the sound system v1 in the social center (v1 : el que hemos comprado al maau)

The basic configuration :

  • Sound sources go to the inputs of the (anarcha) mixer > we use the headphones stereo output to send the signal to the filter, the volume of the headphones can be used to send a +/- lound sound to the amplifier (don't saturate)


  • From the mixer, the jack stereo cable goes to an XLR input of the filter. From the filter, the red cable is plugged to the high frequency signal output, the black one is plugged to the low frequency signal output


  • The 2 cables goes to the inputs of the amplifier : black on Channel 1 input and red on Channel 2 input of the amplifier


  • So the Channel 1 output goes to the high speaker, the Channel 2 output goes to low speaker
  • We set the high and low volumes on the filter like on the picture and we set the Channel 1 and Channel 2 on the amplifier like on the picture


So we have a mono sound system, the amplifier is not used as usual (stereo), but rather to feed different signals to the high and low speakers

The are additional settings below the amplifier (ability to filter certain frequencies for example) with the small buttons, use them with care, see the manual File:Mackie MAC M1400I-.pdf

The main risk to arm the sound system is to send a too strong signal to the high speaker and / or arm it when a device is plugged - unplugged roughly with the mixer and sound system ON (the bad plop)

Also we have to be careful with microphones, the high speaker doesn't like feedbacks !