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The Hackafou is a space of Calafou, also is a hacklab. As a hacklab, Hackafou is in Calafou.

Hackafou is a nice hacklab.

Hackafou is a nice nice hacklab.

Hackafou is a place with things. There're a lot of things in Hackafou.

Tables, chairs, people, bats, wiki, computers, routers, a 3D printer (TAZ3), printers, another computer's stuff, etc.

There are no hippopotamus and no unethical treatment of hippopotamus.

On the eastern wall we can see the faces of the Captain Crunch, Grace Hopper, Alan Turing, Ada Byron.

The Captain Crunch is not visible because a computer library hide him.

Calafou boxes on hacklab, nannn, debby, hurdy. and many more. Use under your responsabilite. WWW connection everywhere.

The Calafou network is administered from the hacklab too. And now it has an history.

Bebop is our friendly linux installer, take a look how to replicate it. Bebop will replicate Linux in your machine.