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There is an EPSON AL-C4100 at the hacklab. Here is how to use it from *nix systems (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.):


CUPS is the system to manage printers:

# install cups
# run cups daemon
# go to localhost:631
# search admin menu, manage printers, add printer section.
# if you're connected to calaofu network the discovery process should be automatic                                                                          
# select from discovered printers one called EPSON_AL-C4100                            
# be sure to select proper driver (usually the recommended is fine)                    
# be sure in default options to select A4 as default paper size                        
# save everything                                                                      

Print from command line

lp and lpr commands are for printing:

# take a look at cups command line docs for printing:                                
# usually the process is:                                                              
## list printers                                                                       
## print file passing printer as option

Print from Graphical User Interfaces

Should be simple, usually just use File/Print and select EPSON_AL-C4100.