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Hurdy was a devel computer running placed on Hackafou, the Calafou's hacklab. The project was discontinued as a box opn 06 december 2015. It was a project that aimed GNU, BSD, UNIX technologies, as real computer experience providers and tried to find an easy way to usability. It was first time run in a 'sobremesa' box, was a very stable GNU/Hurd system that crashed trying to update.

After this a DragonFlyBSD 3.8 was installed. It share his plugin' time with and USBLive Gentoo system on two USBs. In this time the Dragonfly hard disk was the guardian and the license legacy rest untouched, cos the box, became a Gentoo testing box, working hard with spectacular results on video, where has been detected slowmotion features. After Gentoo period some effort was puttet on relive i386 DragonFlyBSD abandoned project. But this effort was abandonned to exceed for a great great great great volume and distance main developer energy and knowledge.


We want to agree DragonFlyBSD people for his great work and encorauge everybody who don't know this system to browse it at Thanks.


A backup DragonFlyBSD 3.8 hard disk is available on hacklab on demand to study. The existing clone was completely erased on 6-12-2015.

Last events Hurdy development

06-12-2015 - ==Project discontinued==

            In this point, after connect via ssh, the project was discontinued an the compilation to i386 architecture was abandoned.

29-11-2015 - Starting installation Links from sources.

22-11-2015 - Hurdy on a light integrated box released. Problems with file system naming and mounting solved.

19-11-2015 - Clone succesfull released.

            Start methode documentation for overwrite /etc/fstab file on the fly.
            Work in paralel, we will try to boot Hurdy HD by USB on a light integrated box. 

16-11-2015 - Lombrices Hurdy project starts. Project Espirulina Hurdy started weeks ago.

            More info about Espirulina People in Cultivando,conviviendo

14-11-2015 - Start a migration process to a more light box. Using a dd tool .

            The main reason is to complain with Espirulina Hurdy project requeriments.
            the 'sobremesa' box high vibration level could disturb spirulina development:
            [NON DEMOSTRATED HYPOTESIS] Really, the vibration is good for spirulina development but not in its darker hours.
            (ever in case of long time running near the spirulina 'pecera' it would be verosimil)